Friday, October 4, 2019

Hi,, everyone!
I know it's been a while, but I finally got the second book, God's Not Done with Me Yet,to an editor.
The manuscript is in the capable hands of Jan Bear, whom I met through the Oregon Writer's Colony- a writer's group.

From here to publishing is still a long road, but I'll try to do better keeping you informed.

See you soon!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hello, everyone!

Once again,thanks for checking out my blog.  I really appreciate it.

I have some exciting news for you this time--on a couple of subjects.

First of all, we've finally got a date for the OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE SECOND EDITION OF CHRONICLES OF A BLESSED MAN.  
For those of you new to this site, that is my first book, which has been available only on Amazon for the past few months. NOW we'll be launching into bookstores, starting with a great little store called Another Read Through, located at 3932 N. Mississippi Avenue, Portland Oregon 97227.

You can discover how a near-death experience changed my life- and how I looked at it.

We'd love to have you join us for refreshments, fellowship and some good reading, at 8:00 PM on Thursday, September 5.

But, that's only the beginning!  My second book, God's Not Done With Me Yet, Close Calls and Miracles,  the whole story of my life (up to now), my various careers and all the close calls I've survived, is ready for editing and will sent to my editor, Brenda Ayala,  Brenda is taking time out of her busy schedule to do me a favor,so that I can get this story out to you.

I'm also looking for a great cover artist, so if you know any excellent graphic artists, send them my way, please?

The first novel, working title, Died Too Young, a murder mystery set in the PNW is coming along well.  More on that soon!

Our planned- and long-awaited- video series on the kata (forms) of Shukokai Karate is also coming along.  Now I understand why it takes so long to get a movie from script to release--and I don't even have to write this stuff- just do it well enough to serve as an example.

That's about it for this time--once again, if you can, please join us on September 5 at Another Read Through for our launch celebration.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

In the beginning...

Welcome to a step into the twenty-first century by a
twentieth- century baby-boomer,
I guess we should begin by explaining the strange title.  No, for those of you with  dirty mind, that's not what it means!
Many years ago, while I was serving in the Army as a Special Forces operator, I was part of a project called Trojan Warrior.  Because of the subjects studied- biofeedback, meditation, mind control and the like, we nick-named it Jedi Knight.

Years later, I joined a men's organization called the Knights of Columbus, attaining the rank of Third Degree Knight. 
So,Twice a Knight.
I established this blog in order to become more well known as a writer, teacher and mentor- in other words, to let you know what I offer.

We'll be discussing several topics, as we move along. In addition to being a master instructor in the Martial Arts- called a Shihan, I am also a writer. Let's talk about that for a minute.

My first book Chronicles of a Blessed Man is now in Second Edition and can be found at It is the story of my near-death experience (ok, technically,  I did die, but was revived), but mostly, it's the story of the people who were there for me when I needed hem the most.

The second book, God's Not Done With Me Yet,  is the full autobiography that my family encouraged me to write.  What's the big deal?  Well, among other things, I have counted seventeen time I should have- not could have died. If I do say so myself, (and my family agrees) it is a miracle I have survived all the dumb stuff I've done.  I think you'll like the story. It should be out in a few months.

In the works?  A murder mystery, tentatively called Died Too Young set in a city I know rather well, Vancouver, Washington.  If you're from that area, you'll recognize the places  and maybe some of the people, but rest assured, it is a fiction.

There are more in the process, but more about that in a later blog.

I hope you'll join me again, I look forward to it and I would invite you to send in your comments.  You might even get mentioned in a book!